Good Gardens for Everyone

Watercolour art by Bea Wims

Building on our two award winning projects, the bird, bee and butterfly garden at Ham library and the allotments at Grey Court school, our project aims to create more “Good Gardens” - residential gardens that are environmentally kind as well as attractive to look at - in our community over the course of one year. We want to promote the ideas and expertise on wildlife friendly and resource saving practices in a changing climate through a series of events (workshops and guided walks) and our existing communications channels (newsletters, website, social media, the Ham & Petersham Magazine, etc).

We are working with local experts, e.g. from Richmond’s Biodiversity Partnership, Habitats & Heritage, and nurseries to providing locally tailored information, while also encourage residents to share their knowledge.

The project runs from July 2021 to June 2022.


Upcoming events: 

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Past events: 

Attracting garden birds. A talk by bird enthusiast John Gard. - 11 November 2021.

How to get the best out of water in your garden - A walking tour of residential ponds and water harvesting systems. - 17 October 2021

Green grafting for a greener environment - An informative tour of the Wates Estate’s gardens with local garden designer Thérèse Rebeiz. - 25 September 2021

Good Gardens launch party - 6 July 2021



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Artwork kindly provided by local artist Beatriz Olivares Vela. Follow Bea on Instagram @bea.wims. 

Good Gardens for Everyone is funded by Richmond upon Thames' Local Area Fund.

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