Volunteer Sessions

We are a group of volunteers that work with local naturalists and the Council’s ecology officer. We seek to preserve and enhance the natural habitats of Ham Lands and to provide information about the area so that more people can understand and appreciate this Local Nature Reserve. 

Monthly Maintenance

After many months of working in very small groups, you can now join us again for our monthly conservation work. We are cutting back encroaching scrub to maintain open and sheltered grassland areas and open woodland which so important to support the rich biodiversity on Ham Lands.

We also maintaining some of the small footpaths through the scrub that are in danger of being overgrown. Areas where this is necessary have been identified by local naturalists and the Council’s ecology officer. Tasks could include raking, cutting back, digging, and litter picking.

We meet every second Saturday of each month 10:00 at the junction of Riverside Drive and Croft Way.

Himalayan Balsam Bashing, in the flood area by the river

Litter clean up on Ham Lands 

Weekly Maintenance

Balsam Bashing