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Published in May '13 news that 60% of UK wildlife species are in decline, underlines the important work needed to conserve our biodiversity.  Download this detailed and well researched booklet "The State of Nature Report" at

Published by ZSL in 2012 Spineless is a cutting edge report compiled by leading invertebrate experts on the status and trends of the world's invertebrates.  The sheer diversity of invertebrate animals is astounding but few are large enough to really impose themselves on our senses, so this spectacular diversity remains out of sight and out of mind.  Yet new species are being discovered at the rate of 16,000 to 20,000 per year, particularly in the tropics. With over one million known species the insects dominate terrestrial and freshwater animal communities.  You can download a copy here:  Spineless


Creepy Crawly Events at Ham Library

These childrens events are run a couple of times a year on a Saturday morning.

Below you can download some of the supporting material we use to introduce the fascinating  creatures children can find in the area -


The Greater London National Park

  • Would be a new kind park, an ‘urban’ National Park that would aim to conserve London’s awesome ability to be dynamic, innovate and evolve. The Park’s leadership role would be to inform and inspire best practice, help to better co-ordinate and promote London’s biodiversity and recreational opportunities.
  • Is an idea that thousands of us could get behind to improve our communities, wildlife and habitats.
  • With your help the Greater London National Park could be turned into a reality. Please show your support and back it now!
  • How you can help - visit

Thank you for your help. Together we can make this happen!