The article on water fowl feeding, published in the Ham and Petersham Magazine summer edition 2013, is included below as a PFD document that you can download by clicking on the green document names below.    There is a choice of a smaller or larger file size, the latter giving improved picture quality.


Killing with Kindness         Killing with Kindness Large   We hope shortly to include a leaflet giving more details of feed suppliers.


For those interested in helping others to better understand the issues discussed in the article, there are two additional documents available for download.

Duck Food Mind Map     This sheet provides a summary of the main issues covered in the article. 

Junk Food for Ducks Explainers Notes      This sheet extends some aspects of life in ponds, by looking at some of the mini beasts which form an important part of the water fowls' natural diet.  For older children much of the material in the first two pages of the document, linked to the Explainers Notes, will not be helpful. But those introducing younger children to 'who eats who' should find those pages helpful.