Forum Meeting

I went over to the Neighbourhood where key areas where divided and there was a good brainstorming session on what are the key areas that will be highlighted. I showed how makerspaces can be very important for youth and future work in the area.



We investigated on how to install a Server. It turns out it is very simple. just like installing a normal gnu/linux distribuition. In this case we tried a trisquel mini 5.5. live CD and a debian Lenny: the first cds I grabbed out of the pack. It turns out hat the Trisquel Mini CD does not have a "net install" or "oem install" or we could not figure out how to do.

I will bring in a special CD prepared for Trisquel Server install and freedom box.


Other possible projects

I recently learned how to do a small bee hotel, seems like an easy DIY project. Interesting for childern that would want come by some time. I will try have the parts around, but It might be fun to go around picking up the stuff from around the neighbourhood.

We need to do a flyer, also a web diagram explaining how feeding bread to the ducks affects  the diversity via the circle of life.


Future of the HUG makerspace

I am in discussions with Greycourt school finding out the possiblities of being able to hold their workshop.

Also have requested help form the Community to open up little house when I am not around. This will probably address the problem of me not being available certain days to open and close little house.

Also, the library will soon be available for using some of it's extra space. We are hoping to get it for free.

Computer DIY contact