Computer Drop in!

Two people came by for help on computer DIY:

  • - went over selecting text
  • - double click, click and right click
  • - change of look of the pointer to mean separate things
  • - copy paste
  • - search engines and the dangers of sponsored links
  • - scrolling web pages up and down ( wheel mouse, scrollbar, arrow keys and up and down page)
  • - maximizing minimizing and closing a window
  • - firefox web browser icon identification.


Also some help breathing new life to an old laptop. As well as introducing the possiblilty of new laptops to be donated to the space.


Installed trisquel netinstall with everything but the kitchen sink. The problem is that I installed the desktop and the laptop used has a bad graphics card. This is easly solvable by asking the comunity how to solve it and getting an answer: log in as the comand line and use tasktel to change the configuration!

Instructions followed are here and hopefully I will install a freedom box for the comunity

Hopefully after that is done, I can go for owncloud  and mediagoblin

Plantduino or garduino

I better choose a name and stick to it. From now on I will call it garduino. I think we are clear on the mechanism for the water flow, something like a toilet mechanism. Also we might explore the possiblitly of using the humidity sensors as batteries. I am unsure of the effect it will have on the local plants. Better look into galvanized nails, make sure they do not rust!

We will probably

 Arthur  did a proof of concept. We now have a wireless system that will turn on a water pump remotely! Good stuff because we would not want our circuit to get wet!

Cider making

Things learnt: when getting apples from a clean apple tree there is no need to wash apples before crushing it. That way you have more yeast on the skin. I am a bit flacky on these details. When pressing the apples you can press as hard as you can then wait a couple of hours and you will be able to press a bit more. After you do this a couple of times and cannot squeeze any more you can remove the press and cut up the pressed apples and press that again. This is mainly done to use up as much of the apple as you can and take all the juice up.

There is something called a agrohydrometer or densimeter that basically helps you measure the change of density of the liquid that seems to be related to the transformation of sugar into alcohol.

We got hold of more bottles for future cider making and some more proper rubber corks with a water valve on them to avoid junk getting in and CO2 going out!

Other possible projects

Still working on the flyer.

 wiki page? on python?

Promoting the Makerspace

I have been invited to the coder Dojo held in ebay/paypal office. If you know someone in the age range of 8 to 16 years or you want to volunteer to help please follow the link and let me know (Andres).  <>

Talked to computer anonymous guys: I joined their git page.

And the surrey user groups chatted a bit on the IRC.

I have got in contact with fsf and fsfe. So it is a good idea to add ourselves to the libre panet wiki.

There was a piece on the local Ham & Petersham Magazine: for the Autum 2013 edition.

And there will be hopefully a link on the councils comunity news letter


Future of the HUG makerspace

I am in discussions with Richmond comunity links exploring the possiblity of using libraries. It seems it is avaible at a discounted fee for local communities. Good to know.

I am still looking for someone to help me open the makerlab when I am not around:  Paul Brown and Paul Gibson are candidates.

The future is going well, LCZ items will slowly go down a bit and we are allowed to move things around to suit us. We where also congratulated on being able to close the shutter and we where given the go ahead to change the light that floods the entrance. This would be ideal to be able to close the door in cold winter nights.

Keep up with the conversation in at the moment.

Computer DIY contact