Hello all,

I have been lagging behind on reporting the things that have been going on but mainly because I have been busy doing things! Most of the stuff will probably show on our new web page and wiki. So have a pop and look us up.  Just in case I delay even further!


We have contacted other organizations that do similar things as us: computers for charities, Kingston eco, the restart project, uk hackerspaces, etc.


We have requested some funding for "you make it you keep it" project. in which we would mentor someone on making or repairing a piece of kit and at the end they get to keep it. You do not have a computer? Come by! we just might be able to help you!


Paul B. has kindly brought his laser cutter to the space. Along with all sorts of other stuff.


Paul B. has done a  demonstration on how to do printed circuitry.

We now have a powerful workstation running ubuntu 64 bit. and soon other OSs for sure.


We have done a very good draft of the flyer and will soon print it out for neighbours to see.

Computer DIY contact