DEC 2013

Helped Carole with her google drive woes. For some reason the link she used to share her seascouts documents was changed to a virgin media login page. Don't know why, but we are fairly confident that the link was sent and it seems that there is no need to be logged in to google to view the files.
Then email outlook was customized to make it less distracting.


The year report was written:


We where donated a couple of computers and some printers


Setup a GitHub Account for the group including starting with code below with a basic PHP file.


CISCO donated chairs and tables. Plenty of space for everyone.

Image os tables and chairs donated


The bus stop web app is working!

Plantduino code and version control for the space flyers are also up.

January 2014

Rob brought along a water capacitor, based on the Stanley Meyer Fuel Cell. This splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The science of Physics and Thermodynamics says that you need energy to split the hydrogen-oxygen bonds, so the useable energy in the hydrogen gas released will be less than the total energy used up in separating the elements. That would certainly be true for boring old electrolysis, but in this case the water is electrolysed at a frequency around 10kHz. There is a possibility that some other effect is acting on the water at this frequency. I know from other work I have done that water hardness can be removed from water by exciting it magnetically at between 300Hz and 3kHz. No-one knows why that works, only that it does work.


So in no particular order:-
  • Dan* helped local resident with Windows 8 laptop/camera issues (Thanks Dan, I've not use Win8 yet)
  • Paul B help us test the PSU for the big computer (although Chris said was dead), but was fun trying some fault finding.
  • Agreed as group to order replacement PSU. Spent £20 from the kitty, and Paul B ordered whilst at Little House. Receipt left at Little house (printed on new Printer see below)
  • I've also left a small screwdriver kit I don't use & Dell monitor we had lying around (long term loan)
  • Paul B setup a Laser Network printer
  • My little Chinese Baofeng radio doesn't charge. Did fault finding (again with Paul B's help) and seems the charger SMD chip is probably at fault (thankfully have another on way from Hong Kong)

Febuary 2014

Paul B. is giving some special meets where he explains how to prepare your own PCB board.

Discussed the best options for small business owner to do a web page.

Helped with a laptop screen that had the light burn out. It involved some soldering an replacing of a fuse.

Started discussions to move away from meetup.



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