Title Ham meditation group

We have look at the government's new rule social gathering with help of our local councilor and the public health team. And we are pleased that the meditation classes are exempt from the rule of six, as they come under education and charitable service supporting people's mental well-being to teaching calming meditation technics. We also have done a compressive the risk assessment and put in COVID-19 safety arrangements. Please this link

Like most events these days you need to pre-book the meditation. The booking is open to 6 pm the same day and we have allowed for 15 people. 
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When: Every Monday meditation starts at 8 - 9.15 pm
Doors open at 7.50 pm.

Cost: Donation £ 5 are welcome to cover our costs (the donation is given at the same time as booking, no cash please)

Where: St Richards school hall, Ashburnham Rd, Richmond TW10 7NL.

To get here: Take the 371 bus from Kingston or Richmond, bus stop Mariner Gardens

New people are very welcome. There is no need to have meditated before.

COVID-19 safety arrangements

  • At the heart of the Buddhist teaching is do no harm. An important part of our practice this autumn will be to keep each other safe, and we have therefore set up the following arrangement.
  • When you arrive at the meditation please be mindful of the physical distancing and that some people may want more space than others. Coming indoors we will provide you with hand sanitizer and mandatory face shields. It would be appreciated if you would go directly to your socially distanced seat.
  • Please do not come to the meditation if you have any COVID -19 symptoms or feel unwell or if anybody in your household is unwell.
  • And if you become unwell within 48 hours afterward the meditation please let us know.

By booking the meditation you will confirm that you have accepted our COVID-19 security arrangements.

May all living beings be safe
May all living beings be well and free from suffering
May all living beings live with ease


Date and Time 19/10/20 from 20:00 to 21:15
Cost Donation of £ 5 are welcome to cover our running costs

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